Why Tambis?

Tambis offers a unique combination of technical understanding, polymerization experience and implementation in the application. Commercial background as well as international networking complete the package.

We offer:

  • personalized customer service
  • customized products
  • customized solutions
  • environmentally friendly, certified products and services
  • fair conditions
  • innovative sustainable offer
  • assured, monitored quality
  • short decision-making processes
  • a reliable partner
  • a broad network


Even without a crystal ball, a look ahead can be done.

Changes with an impact on what is coming are noticeable and visible everywhere; in the environment, in the economy and in society in general. In addition, the pace is constantly increasing, as a look back at the past decades clearly shows. For example, if you compare a map of Europe from 1985 with a current one, it becomes clear that seemingly unimaginable changes have occurred, with structures that have disappeared and new ones that have emerged.

We do not know what the future will bring us in concrete terms – but through intensive monitoring and analysis, certain developments can be expected with a higher probability.


Tambis monitors – not only the market for coatings, but also the environment


For the coatings market, studies are offered on a regular basis, which precisely forecast growth values ​​for a period of up to five years with decimal digits.

Tambis has a different approach.

For example, we are not stating exactly how many liters of paint per capita will be used in a specific market in x years, but we anticipate that this paint will have a different composition. The formulation will consist more and more of sustainable components and the proportion of bio-based raw materials will gain in importance. In addition to their protective and decorative properties, coatings will have additional functionalities. Even the way to the consumer will be different.


Tambis anticipates – the future requirements will be concretized on the basis of the observations through conclusions



You need to act to be prepared for the challenges of the future.

You do it every day by developing, manufacturing and marketing. If you are open to an independent external view on your activities, Tambis can support you in projects based on the experience of its shareholder, the observation of the coating industry and through anticipation.

Tambis supports – gaining advantage through good decisions which determine your future success

About Us

Tambis GmbH & Co. KG was founded in March 2017 by Anton Solich.

We help our partners from the coatings sector to make better decisions in strategic development, to develop sustainable products and to increase stakeholder satisfaction. Tambis is active worldwide.

Our core competencies are:

Strategy consulting (review, renewal, redesign, communication)

Technology consulting (process optimization, recipe optimization, product development)

Development and marketing of high-performance polymer dispersions

Distribution of products for the coatings industry in defined areas and applications

More over Tambis accompanies merger and acquisition processes.

Tambis attaches great importance to independence and has extensive experience and knowledge in the areas mentioned. There is an extensive network, that can be used to provide support if required by entering into partnerships and co-operations.



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